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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Technically, I am asking. But I am also gonna give you the answers. Here's a closer look behind my newest 10 piece collection! Click here to see full collection.

Welcome to another episode of Fior's monologue.

Okay, so I know I've been talking about this collection since Spring. With the summer markets (and life in general) I haven't been able to dedicate time to it (I know, I know excuses). The paintings have been sitting around since April/June and it's now completed in October...It's funny because a few of the pieces were almost done but they just needed a little bit of re-working or final touches. It took me a few weeks from end of September to beginning of October to finish.

This 10 piece collection is inspired by old school space sci-fi and video games. The paintings transition one into the other, switching into a next "level" (like stages in life). Overall, this theme collectively questions the universe as to why our lives are the way that they are. Are the events in our lives (good and bad) relevant? What is the purpose? Is there a higher purpose for existing. I think everyone has a moment of question their purpose or the purpose of something at a whole. But when we sit with ourselves long enough not to question the universe, but to question this how we want to live? What is the meaning of MY life? The beauty is, that it is up to each of us to decide the trajectory of our own lives.

As a certified over-thinker, I like to use space as a motif for existence (I'm sure that's a universal thing - pun intended). Its usually used as a way to contemplate existence in general. I often find myself in a place of both wonder and sonder. Constantly thinking of, the big question...Why am I alive? (that sounds depressing - yes. But I don't mean it in that way I mean it more like am I a functioning and productive member of society kind of way).

Life is definitely not a game though. Noooo it's really not...

So why did I use imagery inspired by an old space game? Because that's the easiest way I find people connecting and comparing life to. You always here the phrase "life is a game". You've got to play the universe's "game" in order to survive, I guess. Here, I like to use different levels like a video game to symbolize lessons we learn while aging. While each piece has a part that helps transition one painting to the next, like if you're leveling up. I start off the collection with "Game Over" but it's technically the last level of the game. The final boss. I decided to play with the order, just so that when you view the pieces in person, they can be seen from either the beginning or end like a loop.


The titles are punny. Here's a short explaination for each and why they are titled this way.

  1. Game Over - you either win some or you lose some. This the final boss.

  2. Missile Impossible - everything can feel chaotic. a tough battle is on your side right and but you're a fighter getting through your obstacles.

  3. Origin-ality - we are all born under the universe, each a unique star with our own vibrancy and frequencies. Learning how to be individuals that we are proud of.

  4. Fulfillment points - we're all trying to achieve our goals to in order to grow from something.

  5. Cometment - this is giving back the same energy to another. Making whoever or whatever you persue a priority. It is the main thing that drives you in life.

  6. Energy Shower - we're surrounded by a bunch of different energies. You have to pick and choose what is right for you and understand what isn't. But sometimes you don't know which energy is serving you so you feel overwhelmed.

  7. Outta this World - sometimes you simply just wanna explore. Whether it's seeing the world, finding a new job, hobby, or even exploring relationships (can be platonic, romantic, physical/intimate). Basically anything new that you want to try. That feeling of newness feels "out of this world".

  8. It Matters - acceptance that everything happens for a reason. the particles of the universe gives us power. Everything we do is relative. Being here, and being you matters.

  9. To Infinity - sometimes it feels like you're lost and stuck in a loophole. How you find you way out of the loophole is up to you. You've got to come up with a strategy. What are the next steps? How do I get to where I need to be?

  10. Reboot - trying something different to receive a new outcome. Like a game, if you lose, you try another strategy in order to successfully beat the final boss.

And that is all folks! I hope you enjoyed this post. I just wanted to give a quick explaination of this collection. If you wanna know more or have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below and I'll answer them! If you're looking to add any one of my pieces to your collection, please shoot me an email!

Thank you 💙




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