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What's in my studio?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Here's a closer look at a few of my ✨essential✨ items at the lil' studio...Architectural Digest who? 👀

small art studio with easel, tables, desks, canvases, and shelves.

Alrighty folks, I thought this would be something fun. We're not fully decorated yet, but here's some things that I definitely need to function here. All I ask is that you accept + respect the process. I know. Watch when we finish decorating. It will be over for you h***.

JBL speaker on top of a mini mid century modern shelf

First things first.

I'm the realest.

No Iggy.


Okay, I understand if you decided to close the tab now. If you stay, just take it...🍪

  1. JBL Speaker - ⭐🌠CRUCIAL🌠⭐ because I can't make anything in silence.

  2. baby 👶 Mid century modern lookin' shelf -thrifted from Savers. I got some random things to keep my desk organized.

Pile of canvases and wood panels by a wall on top of a boot tray.

3. Canvases + Canvas roll 🗞️ + Wood Panels - (not in the pic) Yeah, I need these to paint, right?

🏋️‍♀️❗hauling the hefty❗🏋️‍♀️ things (me)

5. 2019 Secret Santa Slippers - ya know, gotta keep them 👣toes👣 warm🔥.

6. Peg Board - (the board was a gift from Genesis - as in my friend not the origin story or car) and yes, the board is still empty, I know. We'll get there.

7. Lava lamp from Job Lot - (It's not on right now, but it's cute right?)

8. Pencil holder - (gift from my friend Conk) I ✍🏽 need ✍🏽 those ✍🏽 for ✍🏽 notes ✍🏽

9. Utility Cart - holds my paints + tools

10. Easel built by my dad - that I apparently also use as a 🧥coat🧥 rack

11. Mini fridge with a Bob Ross sticker + Chiquita sticker and microwave - the fridge is pretty empty but we have buffalo sauce tho

I guess that's all folks. I hope you enjoyed the 'home', and see you later 😏


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