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Artist Q & A!

Get to know more about me and my practice!

Fior holding her artwork, Warmth: A Beating Drum, 2021

Before we get started, I wanted to let you know that I will be doing a couple of markets this month! Hosted by the Anti-Robot Club Marketplace at Farm Fresh RI, it's a fun way to meet and support a bunch of local creatives and small businesses. My next markets are March 12th AND March 19th! Come find my booth to check out smaller scale art pieces that are exclusively reserved for markets. Check out my event calendar page, "Find Me" to see me at locations such as: art shows, exhibitions, markets, and more!

I'm answering all of your questions from social media! Thank you to all who submitted in the question box :) A lot of the questions were similar, so I kept the most asked ones here.

I know I don't show much of myself on social media, but I am trying to still figure out what type of content people are interested in. So, I'm trying different things! Proceed with caution, I might over share a bit...👀

How old are you?

Valid! I know I look much younger than what I actually am. Sometimes makeup helps add some years to me. I'm 24! I'll be turning 25 in June :) #gemini

How did you get started?

Well, I have been into art since I was around I want to say 8ish - when I was introduced to it at summer camp (you can read more about my introduction towards the bottom of the page here). Growing up, I only did the basics - coloring with colored pencils, markers, etc. I took some art classes in high school, which helped me learn the basic concepts of art and design. Since I didn't get into art school, it completely made me stop doing things art related. I was torn and also subconsciously mad at myself for not continuing to do something that I loved. I ended up studying Fashion Merchandising in college. I did have quite a few art projects which helped me temporarily release my creative energy then. I was creating fun little digital paintings in this digital art class that I took in college. I ended up building out my own website just so I can start having a place to see the "prints" or digital paintings I created. But I never had much time to get back into art, so I wasn't really consistent with it. I interned for this small sustainable designer during my last semester in college, where I was really inspired. I loved being in creative environments, and looking back at it now - I always put myself into any creative pursuits even if it wasn't for myself.

I officially started getting back into art when the pandemic hit in 2020. Work (post college) was getting harder, more stressful. I finally picked up my paintbrush again and felt a huge relief. I was painting little by little whenever I could. When I lost my job at the end of that summer is when I decided to take art more seriously. I was like "well, I guess I don't have anything else to lose...deep down I've always wanted to do this. I hope I can keep this going".

I helped my older sister start her business Envision Nutrition last year and I've been there since it opened. So, I was barely painting while working at the shake bar 7 days a week with my sisters. Finally, once we were settled in, I was able to cut down my hours there. I was soon able to dedicate more energy into my art. From there, I was able to create more art at a faster speed.