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Welcome to art talk!

Art talk is basically a way for me to get my thoughts out and hopefully keep me productive. I'll tell you all about my interests and my life as an artist. It's going to be broken down into different segments. Each post will be in their respective categories within the blog tab.

  1. Behind the scenes: Information regarding a specific art piece.

  2. Artist Spotlights: I'll give a brief highlight of cool artists I recently discovered on the internet from New England.

  3. Work In Progress: Small updates on projects I am working on

  4. Product Reviews!!! (anyone wanna send me free stuff? 👀 jk...or...)

  5. Art Talk: I'll be talking about random things pertaining to art (ex. songs I'm listening to, current events, memes + more)

  6. Helpful Advice: lessons + lil takeaways

  7. Pass the Paintbrush: A bit like artist interviews (if any mutual artists would like to be featured or apart of this segment, please hit my line!)

Hopefully there will be more segments coming in the future. Let me know what you think about this in the comments below. I'm really excited to start working on Art Talk!


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