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Commissioning an Artist

Are you looking to add a little bit a spice to your home? Here's a quick guide on what to expect when you work with an artist.

So, you've been eyeing an artist's work?

You think to yourself: "wow, that's really awesome. I'd like something like this to go in my home".

But there's one don't really know how to approach the artist...

Here's some things to consider before approaching an artist for a custom piece.

  1. Budget

  2. Size

  3. Color scheme

  4. Style

  5. Be specific

An artist is going to try to align to your vision. So don't be afraid to give specific details you'd like in your custom artwork!


Art doesn't always have to be expensive. The artist would be more than happy to work with you. They can gather the supplies that best fit within your budget. They will consider the cost of materials, time, and how long it takes to create the piece. If the budget is lower, the materials would be cheaper. For instance, the artist would consider buying a lighter weight wood instead of a heavier weight wood while building out the frame of the canvas. If you're looking to see what the artist's prices lie on, don't be afraid to ask them. You can subtly ask by asking them about their other pieces. You can say, "I really enjoy this piece. It's similar to what I'm looking for. How much did you sell this for?" They'll be happy to answer your questions! But also don't be offended if they are not willing to share that information either for privacy reasons.


If you have an empty spot in your home that you're looking to fill, feel free to measure out that part of the wall. Be conscientious of the space that you're looking to fill. Is the art going to be in the living room above the couch? How long is the couch? How much smaller do you want it to be? The artist will help you figure out which size is the best fit for the wall space.

Color Scheme

This is so important! Be extremely mindful of colors when wanting a custom piece. If you have a place where the art is going to be, think about the colors that are around in that room and which ones you want to bring out. For example, if your room is decorated in neutral colors, maybe you'll be looking for a pop of color. The piece would be the spotlight in the room! Color scheme is one of the most important parts of the creation process. So this is something you might need to spend more time thinking of. Also, don't be afraid of taking pictures of the room where the art will be. You can send them to the artist and they can help suggest colors to you as well!


Each artist that you look at has their own art style. If you're scrolling through an artist's Instagram be mindful of what type of art they are putting out there.

It is important to note: If you see that they are doing abstracts, stick to that style. If you see that they're putting out portraits, or types of illustrations - stick to that as well. I'm sure some are willing to make what you're asking for, but a lot of artists also like to stay within their own vision and style too.

Be Specific

It is extremely vital to communicate to the artist exactly what you want. They will tell you what they can't and can't do - while also trying their best to create what you want. Keep in mind, part of the creative process isn't always going to be exactly how you imagine it as well. But the artist will try their very best on trying to emulate what you want. Artists can work with different types of materials and mediums. So be mindful of what types of material you want your artwork on. Some artists build out their canvases - this process is about buying different types of wood and fabric to stretch over the wood. It can be canvas, upholstery fabric, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask down in the comment box below!



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