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RBF No.4

  • Size: 19” x 24” 

    Material: acrylic/mixed media on bristol paper

    Artwork glows under UV blacklight.

    Rolled into a shipping tube for easy transport. Pop into any frame of your choice. *Frame not included unless requested via email*

  • These were made in a moment to let my creative energy free flow. It was meant to be a release.

    "No overthinking, just create something for yourself".

    A face started to form while I was creating, and I didnt care if it was good or not. I wanted to have fun creating. I made a bunch at once in the same sitting. At the time, I took a bereal and I was taking a photo of myself with the artwork and I did a "rbf" without realizing that my artwork also had the same face! I took a look at all of them lined up and they all turned out to have the same "resting bitch face". I thought it was so funny that I unintentionally mirrored the artwork. Which is so fitting, because the RBF is always unintentional!! So when I decided that I definitely had to title them RBF!


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