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Noir Trio: Rhythms, Whispers, and Movement

  • Size: 8" x 10"

    Medium: Rhythm - acrylic on bristol , Whispers - acrylic on cut canvas, Movement - acrylic on kraft board

    Artwork is placed in a floater frame. Both Rhythm and Whispers are placed in a natural floater frame, and Movement is placed in a white floater frame. 

    Perfect for a home with a neutral or subdued color mood. 

  • Part of the "Looking Inwards" Collection. 

    These intricately woven miniatures of bleached corals encapsulate the hidden depths of the human psyche. They represent those shadowy moments, akin to 'dark thoughts,' that can sometimes shroud one's inner world, much like the deep sea's abyss. These feelings ebb and flow like the ocean's tides, creating a dance of emotions within. Over time, we learn to recognize these waves and develop the steps to navigate them. Just as a dance evolves and matures, so do our abilities to cope and self-regulate, bringing a sense of harmony to our internal seascape.

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