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Interlocked Hyacinth Depths

  • Size: 36” x 54”

    Materials: mixed media on hand stretched canvas

    Painting is ready to hang and comes with a mini blacklight flashlight.

    If purchased at block island: choose “studio pickup” at checkout. Once purchased, show the front desk your receipt and you can grab from the wall.

  • Reflecting on the state of our world, I created this piece to represent the interdependence of all living things and the interwoven fabric of the natural world. Here, I use the spring flower, “hyacinth” to create these arched reefs. Hyacinths are a symbol or rebirth and renewal, echoing the resilience of coral reefs and their ability to adapt and survive in changing environments. I wanted to highlight the importance of working together to ensure the well-being, sustainability, and security of nature and our homes. But with the way we’re currently navigating the world, we’ve destroyed the beauty of the natural order. While different colors of hyacinths carry different meanings, here the “purple hyacinth” reef, symbolizes my deep sorrow for the destruction and harm humans have caused the nature. We’ve got to recognize that we have a responsibility to protect our world for future generations. So no more losing hope. It’s time to start making smarter choices, and become better advocates for preserving greener life.

    I’ve always listened to Flume’s music while painting (since I was a teen), as it always puts me in a deeply focused, contemplative space. The aesthetic of this painting is inspired by Jonathan Zawada’s cover art for Flume’s album, “skin” (of a foxglove flower - similar looking to a hyacinth). It’s an album I constantly revisit and love, and best believe I was listening to it while painting this!

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