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Hidden Horizons

  • Size: 30" x 36" in 

    Material: acrylic and oil pastel on stretched canvas with sides painted

    Product lights up under UV lighting.

    Artwork is ready to hang with wire.

  • From the collection "Looking Inwards".

    This is the plunge into the enigmatic depths of the psyche. An octopus, a creature both mysterious and adaptive, guides our passage. Surrounded by a retinue of fish and eels, it embodies resilience amidst obscurity. As it descends into the dimly lit coral reef, we are reminded of life's unpredictable descents—metaphorical shipwrecks that mark our journey, and the deep, uncharted territories we must navigate. The shipwreck lurking in the background stands as a monument to bygone voyages, hinting at the cyclical nature of discovery and loss. The reef, dimmed and somber, portrays the depths of our subconscious—the less explored realms of our psyche.

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