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Frenetic Velocity of the Mind

  • Size: 24" x 34" in 

    Material: acrylic, oil pastel, spraypaint, glitter on stretched canvas with sides painted.

    Comes with a white floater frame.

    Product lights up under UV lighting with mini blacklight flashlight in package.

    Artwork is ready to hang with wire.

  • Each brushstroke embodies a fleeting thought, racing and interweaving with others in a dance of energetic chaos. This mirrors the vivacity of a mind in perpetual motion, capturing those moments when thoughts cascade like rapid flashes- too swift to be fully grasped. The fusion of frenetic energy and the velocity of the mind coalesce, offering a glimpse into the complex, transient nature of our cognitive tapestry. It’s where our ideas, thoughts, and feelings spark, collide, and dissipate in a moment, creating this constant flow of momentum in our heads.

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