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Fading Vibrancy

  • Size: 48" x 48"

    Medium: acrylic and oil pastels on gallery grade canvas.

    Artwork glows under blacklight. Comes with blacklight in package. This piece is ready to hang with wire. 

  • Part of the collection "Looking Inwards"

    I wanted to capture the process of concealing emotions beneath an outward façade. This piece stands as a visual metaphor for the dual nature of existence, where the external portrayal of vibrancy belies the nuanced, inner world. A vivid outer palette, paints an illusion of vibrancy and abundance. Yet, as the hues dissolve into a diminishing spectrum, the viewer is invited to peer beyond the surface, delving into the inner echelons of the fading reef. The coral's fading vibrancy symbolizes the ephemeral nature of appearances, while the void of color alludes to the introspective moments when the true self surfaces from beneath the mask. The internal feel of being “void of color”. Amidst this profound exploration of inner and outer narratives, 'Fading Vibrancy' holds a mirror to the somber reality of coral reefs, echoing their plight as they too face the ravages of climate change. Through the interplay of vibrant and void, this artwork serves as a tribute and a call to action, urging us to witness the fragility of nature and reflect on our role in its preservation. This pieces urges us to recognize the connection between our outward expressions and the quieter currents of our inner depths.

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