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$1,200.00 Regular Price
$600.00Sale Price
  • Size: 38" x 38" in 

    Material: acrylic on gallery hand stretched canvas with sides painted

    Artwork lights up under UV lighting.

    Canvas is ready to hang with wire.

  • Drift is bright and vibrant, displaying vivid hues and dynamic shapes. However, closer inspection reveals a sense of wandering and disorientation - a feeling of being lost or untethered. Despite this underlying sense of melancholy, the bright exterior of the painting serves as a beacon of hope and positivity. It is as if the painting itself is urging the viewer to stay the course and keep moving forward, even in the face of uncertainty. The result is a powerful juxtaposition of light and dark, hope and despair, and a piece that invites introspection and reflection.

    The Drift Collection is a visual timeline of what it feels like to be lost in your early adulthood. Growing up in your early twenties during a pandemic was utter chaos, on top of these heartwrenching experiences forcing you to shape who you are. You’re learning an entirely new perspective of the world and are finally living for yourself while discovering new parts of yourself. The collection personifies (self) through bubbles and shows how one may move through their new adult life, following their new journey of truth. Its their most experimental stages of their life. Illustrating an acceptance of their past, finding enjoyment of the present, and being comfortable of facing the unknown future.

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