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Change by Stings

  • Size: 30” x 40”

    Medium: acrylic, spray paint, and oil pastel on canvas

    Artwork glows under blacklight. Comes with a mini blacklight flashlight in package.

    Artwork is wired and ready to hang.

  • Part of the Collection, “Looking Inwards”

    This painting embodies a juxtaposition of two distinct realms within the aquatic realm: the vibrant expanse of the coral-filled top, and the graceful ascent of jellyfish beneath. Through the fluorescent pink circles resembling windows into an underwater world, we are prompted to reflect upon our own perceptions and introspective journeys. These circles serve as portals, symbolic of the windows we open within ourselves to gain a deeper understanding of our being. Just as the jellyfish gracefully rise towards the surface, they embody the profound symbolism of regeneration, immortality, and the transformative power of rebuilding our lives. Within this artwork, we are reminded of the choices we face in our personal evolution. Change can be both beautiful and challenging, as the stinging tentacles of the jellyfish remind us. It is our conscious decision to embrace transformation and navigate through the stings, emerging stronger and more resilient. This piece serves as a gentle reminder that within the depths of self-exploration lies the potential for rebirth, growth, and the realization of our own immortality.

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