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Beckoned By Light

  • Size: 27" x 51" in 

    Material: acrylic on canvas

    Product lights up under UV blacklight. Comes with blacklight in package.

    Artwork is ready to hang with wire.

  • Part of the "Looking Inwards" Collection, see all here.

    The dichotomy of light and dark represents the dualities inherent in the human journey—a constant dance between clarity and obscurity, hope and challenge. The light, at the heart of the canvas, signifies enlightenment and guidance, akin to our aspirations and the paths we pursue in life. Fish, portrayed swimming in unison with the light, symbolize our collective pursuit for meaning and purpose. Each fish, with its unique characteristics and direction, embodies individual life journeys, yet together they harmonize, moving towards a common goal—symbolic of the shared human quest for fulfillment and understanding. As we explore this piece, we invite reflection on our own journeys—illuminated by the understanding that while our paths may differ, we all seek to navigate the depths of existence, striving for that guiding luminescence that brightens our way.

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