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catch these vibes

What vibes have I been listening to? I'll give you a full playlist so you can groove with me too!

Sunset parking lot at night: by Fior De La Cruz | Art Talk Blog

I listen to a lot of atmospheric-like music when I'm painting. However, I be switching the vibes. I can go from lo-fi to Rico Nasty though.

Here's some artists that I've binged this week

  1. SG Lewis

  2. The Avalanches

  3. Kali Uchis

  4. Kaytranda

  5. Still Woozy

  6. Peach Tree Rascals

  7. Deaton Chris Anthony

I'm making a series, where at least twice a month (or more) where I introduce you all to new music. The series on my Spotify will be called "Paint Sessions:___"

Apologies to non Spotify users - here's a list of the songs so you are able to check them out as well.

Spotify users: feel free to follow me on there for more spotify updates or other playlists :) I alter my playlists almost daily.

I hope you enjoy :)

If you have any music suggestions, comment them below - I'd love to check them out!


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