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Behind Glass

  • Size: 26" x 52"

    Medium: mixed media on canvas. Finished with clear resin on top for "glass" effect.

    Artwork glows under UV Blacklight. Package comes with a uv blacklight flashlight in package. Ready to hang with wire.

    If purchased at block island: choose “studio pickup” at checkout. Once purchased, show the front desk your receipt and you can grab from the wall.

  • I tried to create this visual of a mini sculpture encased in a water globe. It’s a reflection of moments and experiences of feeling trapped or confined through external and internal struggles. It’s a reflection of how our struggles may cause us to view the world through a limiting perspective, causing us to filter our experiences through the lenses of our own beliefs and biases similar to the concept of a “looking glass”. Everything is more complex than what it appears to be…
    Here, I utilize the spiritual symbolic meaning of the banded butterfish of “renewal and rebirth”. I use these fishes to represent “black and white absolute thinkers”, as a way to try to break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors and to embrace growth and transformation for the betterment of ourselves, so that we can positively contribute to the world around us.

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